Bridging science and culture to rapidly bring life-changing therapies to patients in need

Anji Pharmaceuticals is focused on tackling high-value targets validated by human genetics.  We are exhaustive in our discovery and clinical efforts while nimble in our strategy and execution.  We have assembled a world-class team of scientist entrepreneurs who are committed to accelerate innovative medicines in China and worldwide.

Pipetting Samples


We look to "experiments of nature" to select which targets to pursue.  Rare mutations can point to broader opportunities to treat human disease, and these variants are only identified by careful mining of human population studies with keen attention to genotype and phenotype causality. Our focus on targets with human genetic validation leads to higher clinical success rates and lower costs for drug development.


The Anji Bridge allows travel over the Xiao River in Hebei Province.  Its name translates to


  • "Safe Crossing", which captures our free exchange of innovative science and transformative ideas to rapidly bring medicines to patients; and

  • "To Aid Those In Need," which inspires us to perform great deeds to benefit humanity

The Anji Bridge is also remarkable for its efficiency:  it was built with 43% less material than typical arch bridges and has survived wars, floods, and earthquakes over its 1,400 years.  We are humbled by its ingenious design and aspire to build similar bridges between:

  • Patients and innovative medicines

  • China and the global community



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